This isn’t going to be some graphic story about my past, this is going to be about my dad. I don’t know him well, barely actually. I spent years trying to actually have a relationship with him but it never happened. He just doesn’t know how to be a decent dad so I decided about 22 years ago, I had better things to do with my life, I needed that energy for me and what I wanted. So it’s been 22 years since I even saw my dad (just walking by me in a mall) and even more since I spoke to him. It rarely hurts. I’m actually over it. I didn’t grow up with one so I’m not missing anything that I’m familiar with. I used to wish certain famous guys were my dad but it was just what I did when I was a kid. There is one song though, that if I had a dad, is what I always thought would be my perfect dad’s words to me. So I’m just going to share that.