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Trigger Warning: This article contains discussion on Donald Trump, which is bad enough but to make matters worse, it discusses rape culture. So it might upset some. Read with caution.

So they did it. They managed to get a known sexual predator into office. I spent the better part of yesterday crying between trying to get rid of a three day migraine and I’ll tell you that the migraine is easier to deal with than the fact that a sexual predator is moving into the White House.

So far, anyone I know who did vote for him (and I don’t know who I know who did), hasn’t had the guts to come forward and actually address any questions I have asked. Which is interesting for people who seem so gung ho to have this idiot in office. Okay so he is not a smart person, he can’t be trusted to say things because he has the mentality of a ten year old (and most ten year olds are smarter than him really), he has no experience in politics, has filed for bankruptcy like four times so he’s a terrible business man, racist, homophobic, sexist…blah blah blah, I mean I can almost see WHY you would want this guy in charge of the country. He sounds like a really upstanding guy that should be trusted with foreign policy, our future, war issues, the nations’s finances, etc. Good going! All this aside though and suppose he does managed to pull a 180, which I doubt, and manage to do some good for the country? People keep saying this to me, “Well he might really do some things that surprise us, who knows?”

Really? Really? You think that matters to me? You think that matters to those of us who have been raped or assaulted? The man is a sexual predator. I don’t care if he makes us all millionaires, he should not be excused into a position of power! That is so fucking ridiculous I can’t even believe people are just excusing it. It sickens me. That alone is reason he should not have been allowed to even run. If this happened to be Obama he would’ve been tarred and feathered because he isn’t a fucking white guy. This country is far more racist than I thought and that much has been proven to me in a big way. I knew it before but this is huge. This is a president we are talking about. I mean what the fuck kind of role model is this guy? He isn’t. He’s a disgusting, immoral and ignorant sexual predator…racist scum who should not be allowed to hold office anywhere.

If you need a reminder about what he is like aside from the rape and sexual assault accusations (including the one where a woman was taking him to court for raping her at 13 and she ended up dropping the suit because of threats. Shocking, isn’t it?) Trump and rape culture

My stomach turns when I see these cartoons that are out there depicting him in sexual situations because they all suggest rape. It’s offensive to think anyone would think this was okay in any way. I spent election night having flashbacks to my stepfather laughing at me. He always laughed at me when I got upset about something or if I tried to do something and it didn’t work. He laughed at me if I got upset when he groped at me. Laughed, in my face. So all night I saw him laughing at me. I spent the night feeling like I was back in that house with him and all of that sick in the stomach, anger, frustration and fear just as real as they were back then. Now though, it is being caused by half of the country who decided that what happened to me is nothing. What is happening right now to someone else, somewhere…means nothing. What will continue to happen because of this man, means nothing. He has encouraged bullying, racism, sexism. Encouraged it. So I wonder how many people have been assaulted or raped by men who think this guy is great? How many wives or girlfriends have had to deal with an abusive man who finds this guy funny because he talks like that and justifies the abuser/rapists actions and attitude? Will it be funny when it is one of his supporter’s daughters? Or wait, will they just tell her to shut up and deal with it. Get over it? Probably, because I can’t imagine that anyone who would vote for this trash would be a good parent in the first place.

Shame on America.