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WARNING: This may contain triggers.

I will not say his name. I will not give him more fame and media support than he has already had. I will not make him famous. But I will say SHAME ON JUDGE PERSKY.

This pathetic excuse for a human being raped a woman. An unconscious, non-consenting woman. His excuses are invalid. YOUR excuses are invalid. HE ruined his image and his little career as a swimmer. He did it. He also ruined a woman’s life. A woman who will have to live with this forever. It never goes away. She will have to learn how to live with it for the rest of her life. She will have to rebuild what this disgusting animal tore down. Her self esteem, her feelings of self worth, her self image, her sense of security, her sleepless nights, her nightmares, her flashbacks, her inability to trust and it can go on forever. How does this compare to a goddamn swimming career?

This WHITE boy (and yes he is a boy, because a real man would not cower from his responsibility for his actions) is getting away with murder. The murder of a young woman’s sense of self and all of the above which I stated in the previous paragraph. I would put money, a lot of it, I would bet that if this were a black man he would be dragged through the mud, his mugshot would be everywhere and his sentence extreme. This judge or Judge with the inability to carry out proper justice, Judge Persky has only helped to perpetuate the fact that :

Few reports of sexual assault ever lead to prosecution. National estimates suggest that for every 100 rapes, only five rapists go to prison.

This is the very reason women as well as other victims of rape do not report it. Why should they when this is how they are treated?

Yes, this kid makes me sick but Judge Persky, you make me even more sick to support such a pathetic, disgusting and lacking person, such as this perpetrator.

I am angry. Not just because I’ve read the articles, seen the news reports or read all of the statistics on rape cases, reported and unreported but because I have seen this first hand. My perpetrator was never tried for my 10 years of rape and torture. But years later he did the same thing again to a little girl, a 12 year old girl and this time he was tried and he received 3 years of probation and a stint on the Megan’s Law website for 10 years. No prison. No time served even though he had been doing this not just to me, but to about 20 other women and girls over a 30 year period but no one wanted to report him. He was violent, he was scary and we had all seen how it was handled. It wasn’t. It was more of a punishment to the victims that to the rapist. You can read my perp’s story here:

Minersville Man Sentenced for Assault on Girl 

Which reminds me, there are so many issues here, rape being the big one but why when a white male does this does the media use terms like “sexual assault”, “sex crimes”, “sexual contact with young girl” but when black men commit the same act, they are rapists?

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with this system. There is something that has to be done to this system. There needs to be more justice and better judges. Judges who actually see the crime for what it is and hand down proper sentencing. And the victims should receive proper compensation in terms of help, therapy, etc after all of this, better treatment by hospitals and other people and especially the media.

This system is flawed in a big way. In a sick, sick way. People carrying weed in their pockets get harsher sentences than these sick criminals. That is how important this systems sees rape and sexual assault victims. We aren’t even as important as a couple ounces of a fucking plant that your system has deemed “dangerous”. Nevermind these dangerous males who go around raping people. (I am not saying there are not women who commit sexual crimes, there are, but males are the majority and in this case it is a male) Not they aren’t as dangerous as a plant that you think is just not good for anyone. Well neither is a rapist. They aren’t good for anyone, not just the victims but the families of both sides, other survivors like myself out here who have to day in and day out witness this sort of injustice and for the future of this society.

So shame on JUDGE PERSKY. You should be removed from your seat and a real judge should replace you and this sick boy should be retried properly and accordingly (the jury claimed him guilty unanimously) not based on ignorance and lack of compassion.