I’ve mentioned before that the U2 song Bad played a huge part in my life growing up in order for me to cope and believe in myself. Bono himself was a huge influence and I don’t care what anyone says about him, everything he did is a huge part of why I’m still alive today.

I constantly talk about what it was like during my abuse and what my home life was like and how I felt all of the trauma but I don’t really discuss what my life was like before the hell that I lived through. When it was just my mother and me, we didn’t have much. We lived with my great-grandmother, then my grandmother and had a tiny apartment for a short while then lived in the projects. The point is, it was just us, poor as all hell but happy and it didn’t matter because I was a child and allowed to be a child and I was enjoying being a child.

Music always played a huge part in my life through good and bad. This was mostly because I come from quite a musical family between bands, instrumentalists and just my mother’s sheer interest in music. There was always music. Every so often (as it is with all little kids) a song would get my attention and I was fascinated by it. One of them for me was Sunshine (On My Shoulders) by John Denver (or as I called him, Don Jenver). I believe it was from a movie then a short lived TV series but it was about a little girl and her dad. Not having a dad in my life I frequently found father/daughter relationships fascinating as a child.

This morning while I was working on some things in my office, this song came on and I just stopped and listened to it because it reminded me of happier times, feeling loved, feeling carefree, smiling, laughing, being a child, and just being the me I was born as. So here is the song, just wanted to share it because it makes me smile (actually cry a little) and maybe some of you will remember it.