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TRIGGER WARNING: Physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, torture, violence

I’m not the only one. It really means a lot to know that but at the same time it makes me angry to think that it has always been happening and it is still happening. I don’t like to think sometimes that I’m not alone. I’d like to think sometimes that it ended with me and it can’t happen again but I know that isn’t the truth.

Just like a survivor has a responsibility to survive, a perpetrator has a responsibility for his own actions. I always heard about how sad it was that my stepfather was so abused when he was younger. That’s so sad, it is but…he made his decisions when he decided to abuse others himself. He could have decided to do something good for himself, help himself but no, he chose to hurt others.

This happens in households every day. Not just sexual abuse, but psychological abuse, spousal abuse and every day women (and men) are punished for defending themselves against their perpetrators. Something isn’t right with a system that punishes the victim and our system does.

This documentary, which was aired on HBO, is a raw example of what it is like in this country for victims of abuse. This is an example of a monster and what happens when you try to defend yourself against this monster. Please watch with care because this is very triggering. For me it was many of the descriptions of what this monster said that reminded me so much of my stepfather. Just be careful and be warned, this can be very upsetting, infuriating and just plain depressing.

Every Fucking Day of My Life (documentary)

This is my offender, this is my monster:

The monster who made me who I am

He got into trouble, not for the more than 10 or so girls he’d raped, molested, etc and for the 30 years of assault he had committed and for the women he abused, but for what he did to one little girl, one brave little girl with a brave mother who actually did something about it. This is one of the articles about him:


Indecent Assault. He got three years probation for Indecent Assault. He raped, molested and abused women and children for 30 years or more and he got 3 years of probation for indecent assault. My case with him didn’t matter anymore. Statute of limitations. So according to the law, my rape and torture never happened. This has to change.